RemitPals is a UK market leading money transfer specialist offering global online money transfers to individuals and businesses at extremely competitive rates and very low charges. RemitPals is one of the fastest-growing online payment transfer services around. Our main goal is to save you the customer money whilst maintaining an outstanding service.

Why should I become a RemitPals partner?

We pride ourselves on success, aiming to provide the best service possible. Integrity and honesty is at the centre of all of our transactions and operations. We are a brand you can trust; we are a caring, and reliable company that focuses on the needs of our customers and partners. Our aim is to provide a low cost solution for money transfers and continuously improve our services. We are constantly on the leading edge of technology allowing us to be inspirational and innovative, providing the best solutions for your customers. If you are an individual or business whose customer base may need money transfer services then we can add a lot of value to both you and your customers. Talk to us today if you’re interested in partnering with us to deliver an efficient, secure and transparent service to customers across the world. Contact us on to discuss how we can work out a mutually beneficial agreement.